Welcome to Unit 16 of the main curriculum of French4me.net! This unit focuses on the passé simple tense, irregular verb conjugation, and expressions with “EN.”

The passé simple tense is a complex and important aspect of the French language. This unit will cover the basics of the passé simple, including its form for the verbs ÊTRE, AVOIR, FAIRE, ALLER, and VIVRE. Additionally, students will learn about the passé antérieur tense, which is used to describe past events in a more formal context.

To further enhance their understanding of the passé simple tense, students will delve into the topic of irregular verb conjugation. The lessons in this unit will cover various types of irregular verbs, including those ending with -cer, -ger, -oyer, -ayer, -eler, and more.

Finally, students will learn about various expressions with “EN” that are commonly used in French conversation. From “EN REVENIR” to “EN AVOIR MARRE,” these expressions will give students the tools they need to express themselves in a variety of situations.

In total, this unit contains 31 lessons, with a total time of approximately 95 minutes.

Each lesson is designed to be short and focused, allowing students to easily integrate the material into their existing knowledge of the French language.

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