Introducing “1000 Mots Manquants”, the ultimate exercise book for those learning French as a foreign language. Created by Vincent Lefrançois and offered by, this book is perfect for anyone looking to improve their French language skills with their mobile devices. With 1000 simple French phrases, accompanied by their English translations, the book offers an exciting and effective way to learn new words and phrases.

The exercises in this book are designed to be simple yet efficient. With one missing word in each French phrase, the reader is encouraged to guess and imagine what the word could be. This encourages active participation and engagement, which makes the learning process more effective. Plus, with the convenience of swiping on a phone or tablet to reveal the correct answer, the exercises are faster and more efficient than traditional language learning apps.

With “1000 Mots Manquants”, you’ll learn new French words and phrases quickly and efficiently. Whether you’re a beginner or an intermediate learner, this book is the perfect tool to help you improve your language skills. So, start learning today and take the first step towards mastering the French language!

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