We are thrilled to present a revolution in learning French: the introduction of 44 new GPT models, each in a different language, designed to support your French learning journey with the invaluable help of Vincent, your French teacher.

Vincent, who has already captivated millions with his YouTube videos and created the renowned French4me.net with over 20,000 students, is now extending his educational horizon with these new artificial intelligence tools.
These GPTs, available in a wide range of languages covering most of the globe – from the Americas to Asia, through Europe and Africa – offer an unprecedented opportunity to ask questions about the French language, its rich culture, and Francophone countries.

Whether you are a beginner or advanced, these smart tools allow you to test yourself and understand exactly where you stand in your French learning. They will help you identify aspects you need to improve to make efficient progress.

With these GPTs, you can:
-Ask specific questions about French grammar, vocabulary, and idiomatic expressions.
-Get insights into French culture and Francophone countries, immersing you in a complete linguistic universe.
-Take personalized quizzes to assess your French level and receive advice tailored to your progress.
-These tools are designed to be interactive, user-friendly, and suitable for all levels. They represent not only a technological advancement but also an innovative educational approach, allowing everyone to learn at their own pace, with advice from a recognized expert in the field.
Join us in this linguistic and cultural adventure to explore the fascinating world of the French language. With Vincent’s guidance and the assistance of these multilingual GPTs, mastering French has never been more accessible and engaging.

Welcome to this new era of learning French!

Learn French with Vincent (English GPT)