1. “In the Name of the Republic” (2017) – directed by Yannick Rocher, this film explores the role of the French Republic in shaping the country’s political and cultural identity, as well as its challenges and controversies.

2. “The Other France” (2015) – directed by François Margolin, this documentary provides a comprehensive look at the diversity of modern-day France, exploring its various regions, cultures, and communities.

3. “The Silent Revolution” (2017) – directed by François Margolin and Stéphanie Valloatto, this film explores the rise of France’s youth-led environmental movement and the impact it is having on French politics and society.

4. “France, a Self-Portrait” (2010) – directed by Philippe Kohly, this documentary provides a comprehensive overview of French society, including its history, cultural identity, and current challenges.

5. “Les Misérables” (2019) – directed by Ladj Ly, this film provides a raw and powerful look at the lives of people living in the suburbs of Paris, exploring themes of police brutality, poverty, and social exclusion.

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