In France, the Maternelle school aims to prepare students to live together by learning the rules of collective life. During this period, the child gradually acquires language and discovers writing. At Maternelle and elementary school, children study for 24 hours a week spread over 9 half-days of classes. All courses are compulsory, and children can have lunch at home or at the canteen, which is a paid service.

Children can attend a public or private school from the age of 2 or 3, with both institutions providing the national education curriculum. It is essential to know that the school year starts in September and ends in June.

To enroll your child in Maternelle school, parents must follow a two-step process. Firstly, they must go to the town hall, which will designate the school where the child should be registered. The parents will receive a certificate of registration containing the name and address of the school. Secondly, they will meet with the school director, who will have been designated by the town hall to register their child definitively.

On the day of registration, the parents must provide the certificate of registration issued by the town hall, the family record book or a copy of the child’s birth certificate, and a document certifying that the child has received the compulsory vaccinations for their age.

Registration typically starts from November until the end of January for the following academic year. However, registration is possible throughout the year in case of relocation, among other reasons. The registration procedures are displayed each year in town halls, schools, and daycares.

It is recommended to register children in Maternelle school from the age of three. Children below this age can attend Maternelle school in some institutions, but it is not a requirement.

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