If you are moving to France, it’s important to know how to get your diplomas and professional experience recognized. You can inquire about the comparability of your diplomas and the validation of your work experience, also known as the Validation of Prior Learning (VAE), before your arrival in France.

The ENIC-NARIC center is a specialized organization in the recognition of foreign diplomas on French territory. As an information center, they can advise and assist you in obtaining a certificate of comparability of your diploma. This document is an essential step to have your qualification recognized in France. However, it’s important to note that obtaining a certificate of comparability of diplomas from ENIC-NARIC is subject to payment (70 € for two certificates).

ENIC-NARIC can also issue certificates of recognition for studies or training completed abroad.

The Validation of Prior Learning (VAE) is a process that allows any person, regardless of their age, nationality, status, or level of education, who has at least three years of experience related to the certification they are seeking, to obtain recognition of their professional experience. This recognition can result in a diploma, title, or professional qualification.

VAE is accessible to all, including those who have not obtained a diploma or certification but have significant professional experience. The validation of prior learning is an excellent opportunity to obtain recognition for your experience and knowledge, and improve your chances of finding a job or progressing in your career in France.

It’s essential to note that obtaining a certificate of comparability or a validation of prior learning does not automatically lead to obtaining a job or the right to practice in France. Still, it’s a crucial step towards facilitating your professional integration into the French labor market.


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