When settling in France, you will be presented with the Republican Integration Contract (CIR) during your personalized interview. By signing this contract, you commit to a personalized integration program within French society. The contract is concluded for a year between you and the French State, represented by the prefect. You will benefit from rights and will also have to respect rules and obligations.

Through the contract, the State organizes a welcoming system to facilitate your integration, which includes:

A personalized interview with an OFII auditor
The purpose of this interview is to evaluate your needs, review your administrative, social, and professional steps, and to prescribe training courses, and if necessary, to orient you according to your individual situation.

Civic education training
You will be required to participate in a mandatory civic education training, which is two days long and consists of two modules: the principles and values of the French Republic, and the steps for accessing rights and employment (Living and accessing employment in France).

Language test
This written and oral test aims to determine your level of French proficiency.

Language training (if necessary)
If your language proficiency level is below level A1 of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CERCL), you will be prescribed mandatory language training to progress towards this level (50, 100 or 200 hours will be provided). The A1 level in French allows for communication in everyday life.

By signing the Republican Integration Contract, you commit to attending the civic and language training courses with diligence and seriousness. You are also required to respect the essential values of French society and the Republic. If you meet these mandatory conditions, you can request a multi-year residency permit.


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