Opening a bank account in France is an essential part of daily life. It is even possible to open a bank account for children. To open a bank account, you need to present yourself to the bank of your choice with the following documents: your passport and a proof of address such as a gas, electricity or landline phone bill, or a rent receipt.

Once your checking account is open, you can use it freely and request a bank card and checkbook. It is worth checking with your bank in your home country to see if it is associated with a French network. This could simplify the process of opening your account in France.

Your bank will provide you with a bank identity statement (RIB), which can be useful for certain transfers to your account, such as your salary or the payment of certain bills (rent, phone, etc.).

A joint account is a bank account shared by multiple people. The opening of a joint account follows the same rules as those for an individual account. The account holders are jointly responsible for the account.

Any person residing in France has the right to open a bank account with access to basic services. In case of initial refusal to open an account by a bank, it is possible to seek assistance from the Banque de France.

Having a bank account in France is mandatory as soon as you start earning a salary. It is important to note that having a bank account can help with financial transactions and managing your finances in the country.

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