Welcome to Unit 9 of French4me.net’s main curriculum! In this unit, you will continue your French language journey with lessons covering various grammatical structures and expressions. The unit contains 30 lessons in total, which will take approximately 3 hours and 58 minutes to complete.

In this unit, you will start with lessons on the imparfait tense, including common expressions often used with the imparfait and when to use passé composé and imparfait. You will also learn about the relatives pronouns, structures with two pronouns, and the negative interrogation.

Next, you will move on to lessons on the passive form and adverbs, as well as various structures such as se faire + infinitive verb, se laisser + infinitive verb, se voir + infinitive verb, and s’entendre + infinitive verb.

Additionally, you will learn about the forms qu’est-ce qui, qu’est-ce que, prepositions, and qui est-ce qui and qui est-ce que.

Finally, you will learn about various expressions and structures such as adjectives with the preposition À and DE, the passive form in the passé proche and futur proche, the use of various pronouns with the verbs TENIR À, S’INTÉRESSER À, and PENSER À, and the use of the pronoun EN. You will also learn about using PARCE QUE with multiple propositions and the use of ON in French.

With these lessons, you will have the opportunity to further your understanding of the French language and expand your linguistic skills.

Get ready to dive into Unit 9!

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