Welcome to Unit 7 of French4me.net! This unit is focused on advanced grammar concepts, starting with the Simple Future tense, which allows you to express future events or actions. Then, we will move on to the usage of “C’est” to describe things.

In the following lessons, you will learn how to compare things and how to use the Passé Composé form of various verbs like “Faire,” “Venir,” “Pouvoir,” “Attendre,” and “Répondre.” These lessons will also cover various topics such as the usage of demonstratives, pronouns like “Y” and “EN,” and different forms of adjectives.

By the end of this unit, you will be able to compare things using different expressions like “Comme,” “De plus que,” “De moins que,” “Bien,” “Mieux,” “Le mieux,” “Bon,” “Meilleur,” “Le meilleur,” and many more. You will also learn how to describe a person using adjectives and how to use the comparison in the past tense.

This unit has a total of 33 lessons, and the estimated time to complete all lessons is 5 hours and 43 minutes.

So, buckle up and get ready to master the advanced grammar concepts of the French language!

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