Welcome to the Unit 1 of the main curriculum of French4me.net! This unit is designed to provide you with a solid foundation in French grammar, vocabulary and pronunciation before moving on to more advanced topics.

The lessons in this unit are carefully crafted to help you build your understanding of French from the ground up. The first lesson, “Before we start”, will give you a general overview of what you can expect in this unit and familiarize you with the structure and style of the lessons.

In the second lesson, “The structure of the sentence”, you will learn about the basic structure of a French sentence and how to construct simple sentences. The third lesson, “How to construct simple sentences”, will dive deeper into this topic and provide you with hands-on practice in sentence construction.

Other lessons in this unit cover topics such as the subject, the subject and the verb in a sentence, the letters, the moods and tenses, the diacritical signs, the tied letters, the masculine and feminine, yes and no, punctuation, writing in French, and the mute E.

The total time for the lessons in this unit is approximately 69 minutes. So, buckle up and get ready to start your journey to French fluency!

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