French is experiencing a renaissance as a popular language choice for people around the world. It was once the language of the Russian aristocracy and has been the official language of the Olympic Games. Today, it is taught in nearly every country on the planet, and it’s the second most taught language in the world after English. With the growth of Africa, the French language is becoming even more widely spoken and is poised to become the second most spoken language globally.

The Chinese are showing a particular interest in learning French, not just for cultural reasons, but for business purposes as well. With Africa being a source of interest for Asian investors (especially with projects like the New Silk Road), there is a growing demand for those who can speak French, the official language of many former French colonies.

Countries like the Democratic Republic of Congo, with a population of 82 million people, and its capital Kinshasa, the world’s largest Francophone metropolis with over 16 million French speakers, are examples of the vast potential market for French-speaking businesspeople. To negotiate lucrative contracts, it is essential to speak the language of Molière.

As French continues to rise in popularity, it is becoming increasingly important for people to learn the language to take advantage of the opportunities it offers, particularly in Africa. Whether it is for business or pleasure, learning French can open doors to new experiences and opportunities around the world.

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