5 French books from Éric Vuillard
Éric Vuillard is a renowned French author known for his distinctive blend of historical events and literary artistry. With his eloquent prose and meticulous research, he brings forgotten stories and lesser-known historical figures to life, shedding new light on pivotal moments in history. Vuillard’s works captivate readers with their evocative language, thought-provoking narratives, and insightful exploration of human nature.

Here are five books by Éric Vuillard that readers should discover:

“The Order of the Day” (original title: “L’Ordre du jour”)
This award-winning novel chronicles the events leading up to World War II, offering a fresh perspective on the rise of fascism. Vuillard delves into the backrooms of power, revealing the political maneuvers and moral compromises that set the stage for one of the darkest chapters in history.

“Sorrow of the Earth” (original title: “Tristesse de la terre”)
In this mesmerizing work, Vuillard explores the life of Buffalo Bill Cody and his Wild West show. Blending fact and fiction, he examines the myths and illusions of the American frontier, as well as the exploitation and displacement of Indigenous peoples.

“The War of the Poor” (original title: “La Guerre des pauvres”)
This powerful novel delves into the Peasants’ Revolt of the 16th century, shedding light on the struggles and aspirations of the poor and marginalized. Vuillard vividly portrays the clash between the ruling elite and the impoverished masses, highlighting the enduring fight for justice and equality.

“The Sieve” (original title: “La Traversée”)
In this introspective work, Vuillard takes readers on a journey through time, exploring key moments in history and their lingering impact on the present. Through a series of interconnected stories, he examines the cyclical nature of human existence and the complexities of memory.

“14 July” (original title: “14 Juillet”)
This immersive novella brings to life the storming of the Bastille, a pivotal event in the French Revolution. Vuillard paints a vivid picture of the chaotic and transformative nature of revolution, highlighting the hopes, dreams, and violence that shaped the course of history.

Éric Vuillard’s works offer a unique blend of historical accuracy and imaginative storytelling. Through his compelling narratives, he invites readers to reflect on the human condition, the forces that shape society, and the importance of remembering the past. His ability to bring history to life and make it relevant to the present makes his books essential reading for anyone interested in exploring the complexities of our shared history.