Weekend Getaway in Lyon

Day 1:

Arrive in Lyon and check into your hotel in the Presqu’île neighborhood, located between the Rhône and Saône rivers. This central location provides easy access to many attractions.
Start your day by visiting Vieux Lyon (Old Lyon), a UNESCO World Heritage site. Explore the narrow cobblestone streets, admire the Renaissance architecture, and visit the impressive Cathédrale Saint-Jean.

Enjoy a leisurely lunch in one of the traditional bouchons, Lyon’s famous local restaurants, known for their hearty cuisine and friendly atmosphere.
Take a stroll along the banks of the Rhône River and cross over to the Tête d’Or Park, one of the largest urban parks in Europe. Explore its beautiful gardens, rent a boat on the lake, or visit the zoo.

Experience Lyon’s vibrant food scene by embarking on a gastronomic tour or dining at one of the city’s Michelin-starred restaurants.
After dinner, explore the Presqu’île neighborhood and its lively bars and cafes.

Day 2:

Start your day with a visit to the Fourvière Hill. Climb up to the Basilique Notre-Dame de Fourvière, an iconic symbol of Lyon. Enjoy panoramic views of the city from the hilltop and explore the stunning interior of the basilica.
Visit the adjacent Ancient Theatre of Fourvière, an impressive Roman amphitheater that hosts concerts and events during the summer months.

Head to the Les Halles de Lyon Paul Bocuse, a famous indoor food market, to indulge in local culinary delights. Sample regional specialties such as saucisson, cheese, and pastries.
Take a short drive to the Confluence neighborhood, known for its modern architecture and innovative museums. Visit the Musée des Confluences, an extraordinary museum exploring the history of mankind and natural sciences.

Enjoy a relaxing dinner in the Croix-Rousse neighborhood, known for its bohemian vibe and panoramic views of the city. Explore the traboules, secret passageways that connect buildings, and browse the local shops and art galleries.

Day 3:

Take a day trip to the Beaujolais wine region, located just north of Lyon. Rent a car and drive through the scenic vineyards, stopping at wineries for tastings and cellar tours.
Alternatively, if you prefer to stay within the city, visit the Musée des Beaux-Arts de Lyon, one of the largest art museums in France. Admire its extensive collection of paintings, sculptures, and decorative arts.

Explore the Croix-Rousse neighborhood further by visiting its vibrant market, the Marché de la Croix-Rousse. Browse the stalls selling fresh produce, local products, and artisanal crafts.
Take a leisurely walk along the banks of the Saône River and enjoy the charming atmosphere of Lyon’s riverside.

Depart from Lyon, taking with you wonderful memories of your weekend getaway in this vibrant city.
Remember to check the opening hours and availability of attractions in advance, as well as any travel restrictions or guidelines that may be in place during your visit. Enjoy your trip to Lyon!