France is an indivisible republic that encompasses a single territory, a single official language, and one law that applies to all. Today, France has 13 regions, 101 departments, and over 35,000 municipalities. Its territory includes the mainland and extends to 8 overseas territories.

France is a democratic republic. Its principle is the government of the people, by the people, and for the people. Political leaders are elected by universal suffrage, which means that all citizens, men and women, have the right to vote.

France is a state of law based on laws that everyone, including public authorities, has a duty to respect. The organization of the state is defined by a document, the Constitution. The current constitution is that of the Fifth Republic, adopted in 1958. The independence of the judiciary is guaranteed, and political parties are free to form and exercise their activities. French institutions are based on the separation of executive, legislative, and judicial powers.

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