The Foire du Trône, formerly known as the Foire aux Pains d’épices, is an annual fair held in Paris from late March to late May. This iconic fair has a long history dating back to 957 when it was first established on the Cours de Vincennes. Over time, the fair grew in size and popularity, leading to its eventual renaming to the Foire du Trône due to its proximity to the Avenue du Trône.

Today, the Foire du Trône is a beloved event that draws in visitors from all over the world. Located on the Pelouse de Reuilly in the 12th arrondissement, the fair features a wide range of thrilling attractions, from towering Ferris wheels to traditional carnival rides, haunted houses, shooting galleries, and more. Visitors can also indulge in a variety of delicious treats, such as candies, waffles, and other sweets.

The Foire du Trône is not just a celebration of carnival rides and sugary treats; it also has a rich cultural significance. The fair has become an important annual tradition for Parisians, as it represents a time of joy and celebration in the city. The event also highlights the city’s rich history and cultural heritage, with many of the rides and attractions reflecting the city’s unique charm and character.

For those planning to attend the Foire du Trône, be prepared for a truly unforgettable experience. With so many thrilling rides, fun games, and delicious foods to enjoy, there is something for everyone at this iconic Parisian event. So, come and join in on the fun, and experience the magic of the Foire du Trône for yourself!

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