The values of freedom, equality, and fraternity stem from the Declaration of the Rights of Man and of the Citizen of August 26, 1789. This founding document of the French Republic defines the rights and freedoms of each individual and establishes the principle of gender equality guaranteed by the Constitution of 1958. These values form the basis of the Republic and French law and are the source of rules that translate into rights, duties, and prohibitions.

Freedom: Fundamental freedoms are guaranteed, including freedom of thought, belief, expression, assembly, and marriage. In the 1880s, laws were passed to guarantee freedom of the press. Public education became mandatory, and public schools became free and secular.

Equality: All citizens have the same rights and duties regardless of their gender, origin, religion, opinions, or sexual orientation. Women and men have the same rights and duties in all areas.

Fraternity: France is founded on the desire for French citizens to live together. France is a social republic that guarantees solidarity, contributes to social cohesion, and ensures the public interest. Workers have rights guaranteed by law, and a social protection system prevents various risks that may arise in life.

Secularism: France is a secular republic that guarantees religious freedom and protects freedom of conscience. Secularism means the separation of churches and the state. The state is independent of religions and does not assist any religion. It is neutral and does not finance any worship. This separation is a guarantee of freedom of conscience, that is, of belief, which the state protects. This means that as long as no disturbance of public order occurs, the French state guarantees everyone the possibility of practicing their chosen religion within the framework of applicable laws, changing their religion, or having no religion. The practice of a religion is a private matter, and everyone is free to believe or not believe and to adopt the religion they choose.

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