Pinterest is a popular social media platform that allows users to discover and save ideas, recipes, and inspiration for a variety of topics. For French language learners, Pinterest can be a great resource for finding study materials, grammar tips, and vocabulary lists, as well as for discovering French culture and lifestyle.

Here are 5 French Pinterest boards that can help you learn the language:

  1. French Vocabulary by French Today

This board by French Today, a popular language learning website, is filled with pins that cover various aspects of French vocabulary. From common expressions and idioms to specialized vocabulary lists, you’ll find a wealth of resources that can help you improve your French language skills. Some of the pins include audio recordings, images, and sample sentences.


  1. French Grammar by Lawless French

If you’re looking for a comprehensive resource to help you master French grammar, Lawless French has got you covered. This board includes pins that cover all aspects of French grammar, from verb conjugation to complex grammar rules. The pins include clear explanations, examples, and practice exercises.


  1. French Culture by The Good Life France

To truly master a language, it’s important to also understand the culture and lifestyle that goes along with it. This board by The Good Life France is a wonderful resource for discovering French culture, including its history, cuisine, festivals, and more. From stunning photos of French villages to recipes for classic French dishes, this board is a great way to immerse yourself in all things French.


  1. French Learning Resources by Love Learning Languages

Love Learning Languages is a language learning website that offers a wide range of resources for French language learners, and this Pinterest board is a great place to find them. The board includes pins for grammar exercises, vocabulary lists, pronunciation tips, and more. There are also pins that link to French language learning apps, websites, and other resources.


  1. French Words by One Thing in a French Day

This Pinterest board by One Thing in a French Day is all about French vocabulary. The pins cover a variety of topics, from common French phrases to specific vocabulary related to different themes such as animals, sports, and technology. The board includes images and sample sentences to help you learn how to use the words in context.


Pinterest is a great resource for language learners, and these 5 French Pinterest boards from 2021 are just a few examples of the many resources available. By exploring these boards and others like them, you can discover new vocabulary, practice your grammar skills, and immerse yourself in French culture and lifestyle.

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